I am a London based photographer, inspired to document the essence of human life.

As long as I can remember, I have always had a fascination for people and how they live. This fascination then morphed into people watching, which invariably paved the way into my love for street photography.

My work is inspired mostly by Saul Leiter. I have come to realise that his use of abstraction, light and colour, has had a massive influence on how I see the world. The works of Fan Ho, Ernst Haas, Fred Herzog and Marvin E Newman also inspires me.

Recently, I began experimenting with shooting film on an old Nikon 35mm camera. I am currently on that journey exploring colour techniques used in film processing and looking at how I can incorporate that into a my digital photography work.

I also recently started selling limited edition prints, which are now available to purchase here.

As the London Host for Unsplash, I regularly organise photowalks and meetups in London on behalf Unsplash. For more information or to find out about future dates and events, please visit. Unsplash has been pivotal in my journey as a photographer. Currently, my work has received over 200m views and growing. It’s such a great community to be a part of.

My work has been featured in various magazines, blogs and websites. My recent claim to fame is that a few of my photos can be found featured in various articles in Forbes Magazine.